Are you ready to play?

Who said kids can’t have fun in front of the camera?

If your little one LOVES wearing her tutu, bring her over to my studio! I would love to see her dance moves… and we may even throw some confetti up in the air!

Your little one is a soccer fan and wears his favorite team jersey EVERYDAY? Just come over and he can show me how good he can kick the ball!

From her favorite costume to the toys he loves playing with, there are plenty of ideas we can plan for your kid’s studio shoot.

We may throw confetti up in the air (yes, that’s one of my favorites), twirl, dance, pretend we are flying, kick a ball, make bubbles… in short, let me create a fun session for your kid! Anything that can make your little one move, laugh and have fun to capture some real smiles & happy faces.

The studio setting is perfect to create a fun and safe environment for your kid!

Come play in my studio and let me capture some joyful pictures of your little one!

Let’s get social!

© 2020 Diane Hamacher

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