Documenting a day in your life

How does a typical day in your family look like?

Kids running in the hallway in PJs, Legos on the floor to build a giant tower, laughs coming from a tickle fight, quiet moments during bedtime stories?

Kids grow fast and sometimes we wish we could stop the clock… Well, I can’t do that but I can help you document a slice of your family life, interactions and details of your environment that will tell your story. Undirected, unposed, just be yourself and let me photograph real moments… you may even forget I’m there.

We will discuss and plan some activities your family loves doing together so you are all having fun. Even non-cooperative kids (or husbands… wink wink) will be into getting their pictures taken.

Let’s meet to capture a typical day in your life to keep memories of who you are as a family, right in this moment!

Let’s get social!

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